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All the variety of Hill Livery

With over 20 horses on the yard, its never a dull day at Hill Livery. All of our owners and horses are well looked after, but with all their different needs and goals, it keeps things varied for owner Terri Hill.

“At the heart of it, we’re a full livery yard, but every horse and rider is different. I have some owners who have been on livery with me for over 15 years, and some who we’ve recently welcomed. We’ve got eventers, showjumpers, dressage lovers and happy hackers and everything in between. And the view is pretty unique, we also have zebras, Somali Wild Ass and donkeys to keep things interesting.”

The beauty of Hill Livery is that each owner can choose what’s right for them and their horse. They might fancy a bit of team chasing, or a hunter trial in the autumn; over the summer they go on fun rides or to dressage. And Terri is there as an instructor and coach to help them achieve their riding and equestrian dreams.

Even without a competition or taking the horses out in the lorries, there is plenty of fun to be had on the yard. We’ve got an all-weather floodlight arena, a full set of showjumps and great hacking all around us which means there is plenty of fun to be had at home too. Terri runs pole clubs, jump clinics, group and private lessons so the riding is varied and never dull.

“Lessons are brilliant and never the same. Terri understands my horse and my style of riding and I always come away from my lesson feeling like I’ve learnt and improved”, says Lauren, owner of Gigi and a livery owner on the yard for 3 years.

If extra support is needed, Terri is also on hand to help with a range of schooling packages including lunging, riding and rehab. Whether its help keeping your horse fit while you’re busy at work, or schooling your horse to build their core strength and keep injuries at bay, Terri can tailor additional packages depending on what the horse and rider need.

We’ve got great hacking on our doorstep too – fitness hacks up Dundry Hill get horses and riders fit and happy, Ashton Court and Felton Common are great for a longer ride with a canter or two, and Yanley Lane provides a nice country lane to have a plod down in the summer evenings.

And the extra support from trusted experts is always welcomed by the horses and owners. Our qualified saddle fitter, Julia Garrett, gets to know all the horses on our yard, adjusting the saddles as horses change shape, or need more, or less on their back. Julia visits us a number of times a year.

Vets are a necessary part of horse ownership and Hill Livery has a superb relationship with a number of local vets who work hand in hand with the owners and Terri to keep the horses fit and well.

And our farrier is an absolute expert, understanding exactly how to shoe the horses so they can do the riding needed. We even have farrier education evenings, which always prove popular with our owners.

Friendships are made on the yard, and the owners are always keen for a yard social, or night out together. We have yard lunches in the sunshine, we’re pretty ace at celebrating Christmas and even go to an annual ball to get our glad rags on and party together.

So whether you’re looking for somewhere to work towards that riding goal or dream, or somewhere to keep your horse knowing that they’re in safe hands when you’re not around, Hill Livery is the best livery in Bristol.


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