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Facilities at Hill Livery

We have a fantastic range of facilities, all available to our livery owners to use and enjoy!

Currently we have

  • Floodlit outdoor school 

  • Full set of of show jumps

  • Infra-red heat room

  • Shower room

  • Human shower and toilet room. 

  • Individual rug and equipment storage

  • Equissage equipment

  • Equilibrum equipment

  • Trailer/Lorry parking

  • Secure tack room

  • CCTV

  • Off road riding

  • Amazing hacking

  • All year turnout

  • Home grown organic hay

  • Adlib hay/haylage/steamed hay

  • On site owners

  • Access to an array of equine professionals


Always fancied having your tack cleaned for you?  It's all part of our service. :)

We are very lucky at Hill Livery to have a fabulous set of professionals who are part of our team.        

All of our professionals work together to ensure your horses welfare is as good as it possibly can be    

These two fine chaps come and visit us most Monday mornings to make sure our horses have well manicured and shod hooves, Danny and Rory are fabulous.

B&W Equine Vets are always on hand to help us.  Zone visit days for us are on a Friday.

Lotty Merry is an Equine Bowen Therapist and also does other amazing treatment stuff too, Lotty often visits the yard to treat horses when needed

Julia Garrett from Garretts saddlers and Pro motion Equine do an amazing job of making sure all the horses have well fitted saddles

Tony Nevin is a popular figure on the yard treating both the horse and rider so you are tip top condition as a partnership

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