Full livery, what you get

  • Rubber matted stable

  • Full Straw bed

  • Mucking out

  • Turning out

  • Bringing in

  • Rug changing

  • Adlib hay/haylage/steamed hay

  • 2 hard feeds per day 

  • Shower room

  • Infra red heat lamps

  • Organising vet and farrier

  • Heated tack room 

  • Tack cleaning

  • Basic laundry washed, dried and put away 

  • Use of massage equiptment

  • Use of aromatherapy kit

  • Tea/coffee/cold drinks

  • Human shower so you can leave looking glamorous! 

  • Secure tack room

  • CCTV

  • Electric gated entrance

  • Rug cleaning & repair collection

  • All weather surface (floodlit)

  • On site instructor  

  • Full set of show jumps 

  • Off road riding

  • Brilliant hacking

  • All year turnout

  • Social activities 

  • Regular visits from Bowen/Oesteopath/saddle fitter

  • Free zone day visits from B&W vets 

  • Yard owner lives on site 

We are only a stone's throw away from Bristol, yet we have the most amazing riding with fabulous views.  All the owners are friendly, helpful and welcoming.  Bristol is a fabulous city and as a group of livery owners we make the most of it, with both social and riding activities.

After nearly eight years on Terri's yard I can't imagine having my horse anywhere else. The 100% care and welfare of my horse, the confidence I have gained and the fab community I don't think I'd find anywhere else...where I fail in organisation, due to kids and full time work then the support is always there.  Emma Fynn 

Team chasing, team and support team! 

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