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Pregnancy and Newbie!

I last posted a blog on here just over a year ago (almost to the day!) about Moo being pregnant to Pauldary's Touch of Tiger.

Well, as things tend to go with horses and breeding, it didn't go to plan. I came down the yard to see her on the morning of November 9th, and found that due to some reason unknown to anyone, she'd aborted the foal.

Moo didn't seem at all traumatised by the experience (unlike me!), but Terri made her up a lovely big bed to sleep on while I cleaned her back end off. The vet came out and flushed her through and she had a much needed sleep.

In the following months I think she was actually happy to shed some weight and we managed to get out hunting over the winter which was a great silver lining after the dark cloud of November.

I spent the winter researching stallions because it turned out Touch of Tiger is now unavailable for stallion services. It was tough to find a coloured stallion with good breeding that is still active in his field, but eventually I did and my is he a beaut! His name is High Offley Fernando :) I went up to meet him in the West Midlands, and he just stood there in his stable with the door open while they tacked him up, just like Moo had done when I first went to try her. His rider then took him out and jumped him for me and I was smitten, I booked Moo in for the spring!

Sadly our spring Team Chasing didn't happen due to the courses being flooded, so before I knew it Moo was at stud! It took her a long time to get in foal, but finally she did and she is now home again taking it easy in the field while her foal grows inside her. She's about 50 days in now so it should be about the size of a pecan.

Fingers crossed for second time lucky!!

In the mean time I have got myself a massive ex racehorse to keep me busy. His name is Bear (Big Bear), he's about 17.hh, five years old and he raced last November. He's a very friendly person, really kind and willing. He seems to be learning really quickly, his flat work is making good progress and he's happily jumping around a course of show jumps and has been out XC schooling. He is also great out hacking and hopes to event before the end of the year. He might even Team Chase and / or hunt if he plays his cards right.

Bear, first show jumping outing :)

Rosie and Ferdi

Ferdi jumping, wow.

My lovely Moo, no flies on her!

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