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Meet Bryony.

Hello! My name is Bryony and I help look after and ride a gorgeous 16.3 Palomino Warmblood called Midas. He is owned by Cookie, the yards handyman and I have been riding him for a few months now. I have been part of the yard ‘family’ since November 2013 where I started coming up on a Monday evening for stable management class. I was interested in learning some more horsey knowledge and Hill Livery was recommended to me. I have started working towards the BHS exams and successfully passed my BHS Stage 1 in October! Exam Day was very intense and I was SOOOO nervous however with Terri’s knowledge and the help of my fellow yard friends I got through it and am now working towards my Stage 2 which I hope to complete in October. I have got a few things to really work on over the next month especially with my riding such as jumping and learning to lunge. Lunging is something I try to do once a week anyway, although it is just learning to do it the ‘BHS’ way.

With being at Terri’s I do feel that I have learnt so much about the care of horses and do feel I have become a bit more understanding of being a better horse owner. One day I do hope I will be lucky enough to be able to afford my own horse and therefore with everything that I am learning be the best I can be. I work full time in the centre of Bristol so try and go up a few days a week to ride/exercise Midas. I tend to school him in the evenings and then aim to go out for a hack with friends on the weekend. Once a month I have to work at weekends so have a day off in the week. I tend to spend the whole day at the yard, venturing out for a hack and a natter with Terri first thing and then pampering Midas, having lunch from the burger van and helping out in the yard for the afternoon. I do love spending my days off up there!

I love helping out with and regularly volunteer to go with people that are going out competing. Last summer I went on an adventure with Team Earl (my friend Rachel and her gorgeous boy Earl) to West Wilts for a One Day Event. Rachel is sponsored by Equifeast Supplements so needed some photos of herself and Earl competing so I volunteered! I was able to borrow Terri’s SLR camera and got a few tips from Emma Fynn who is another of the liveries who also is an Equine Photographer! I got a few good shots (beginner’s luck!) which Rachel sent onto Equifeast. Now my photos are appearing in marketing campaigns which is amazing to see! I got my BHS magazine through last month which included a leaflet on Equifeast products and there was our photo with my name credited. We have now bought a compact SLR camera, so I am hoping to get out again with Rachel again as assistant groom and photographer! We keep liaising with dates and things so fingers crossed!

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