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Rosie and Moo

My name is Rosie, and I own a 12 year old piebald mare called Moo.

I found her through Terri when Moo was 6, I'm so happy to have her and she is my perfect partner!

​​We used to compete at British Eventing but in 2014 Moo was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in her spine, the major result of this being her dressage marks! So we have defected over to British Showjumping and just do the odd unaffiliated one day event.

I am a Freelance Computer Animator, and life is never dull for a freelancer or a horse owner....It's been even more hectic lately due to moving house which never goes smoothly, but I now live in a gorgeous Blue House in Totterdown :)

We've managed to do a few competitions this season, such as a hunter trials at Mendip Plains in April. We did the 90cm pairs with Kathy and Dis in which we came 2nd (would have won had I not completely forgotten the 2nd dressing fence, sorry Kathy!) and then Moo and I came 2nd in the 1m, and then won it at the following competition a month or so later.

We've done two unaffiliated events at Pontispool, Moo has jumped brilliant double clears at both, and we've had some very extreme weather. The first one had such crazy winds that the dressage boards were blowing across the arena as we were doing our dressage test!

Aside from horses and work, I also ran Plymouth Half Marathon in April with 100 other Coppafeel supporters most of us wearing giant boobs on our backs, all inspired by our friend Laura who has Stage 4 cancer and is amazing! and who rounded us all up to do it.

In May we had a fab day out at the North Somerset Show! My Patterdale Terrier Beryl came 2nd in the Terrier Racing and Moo and I flew around the 1m open Showjumping -well, half of it anyway the last few were a bit sticky due to me getting a bit nervous!

Later in May Moo and I headed up to Cheshire as we do every year to join my big sister and the East Clwyd Riding Club at Somerford Park for camp in late May

We have just returned from a long weekend at Biction with Terri, Kathy, Georgie and their various family members and horses. It was great fun and we managed 2 double clears, a rosette and much confidence gained, thanks to Terri and Kathy for the support and words of wisdom!

We are now looking forward to more Bicton weekends and a few more one day events, the summer stretches blissfully ahead....!


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